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Making the Most of a Severance
or Early Retirement Package

Employees who receive a severance unfortunately have very little time to make critical decisions. You may receive notice of a severance or early retirement package from your employer, or fear losing your job. Though you may feel a loss of control, at least initially, there is much you can do to make the best of this involuntary life event.

In fact, the decisions you will need to make in a short period of time could have a profound effect on your financial security and your goals for the future. You may, for example, be given a onetime chance to make a special contribution to your RRSP, enabling you to significantly reduce immediate tax while also enhancing your retirement savings. Of course, going through a severance is not an exercise many people will experience. Advice from a professional is a must for anyone in this situation.

This Special Report will help you better understand the components of a severance or early retirement package, as well as the options and considerations related to each. The main components typically include: a retiring allowance, pension assets, and group benefits.
Together with the support and advice that our team can provide, this report will guide you toward making sound decisions for your personal circumstances and help you move forward in the next stage of your life with added confidence and peace of mind.